If you are in need of help

Basically, in case of some irregularity, you are requested to contact the store first.
In that case, please contact us at TEL: +81 70-9334-2907.

- Name, address, and phone number provided at the time of rental
- Accident or current location
- Control number on the motorcycle

and we will respond to you afterwards.

We understand that it is difficult to think calmly at the time of an accident. You can count on us immediately.

Possible problems

In the event of an accident or damage to your bicycle

1. First, check the injuries of yourself and the other party, and call 119 if there are any injuries.

2. To prevent secondary damage, please turn off your bicycle at the side of the road.

3. exchange contact information with the other party involved in the accident. You will need this information for later procedures.

4. please contact the police (tel: 110).

5. please contact the store (070-9334-2907).


 -Negotiating settlements between individuals can lead to trouble. Please deal with the police firmly.
-Please record the accident scene. If there are any witnesses, you can ask them to provide information.

Retiring from the activity due to injury or fatigue

・ If you decide that you cannot ride home, please contact the store. We will come to collect your bicycle.

・ If you have subscribed to our road service, we will be able to do so free of charge.

・ Please note that we will not be able to refund your money even if there is still time left on your rental.

Lost and Found

- Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are lost.

Theft and Loss

・As a general rule, please be sure to write down the key when you park your bicycle.

・If you lose track of your bicycle, please contact the store.

・We will send you the location information as it can be tracked by GPS

・If the location is too far away, our staff will bring you a replacement bike.